Why should I register the Influencers I manage to Post For Rent?

Why Post For Rent?

As Influencer marketing is getting more widespread,  it is becoming much harder to satisfy Advertiser needs with the increasing content volume. Managing talents and influencers can be a tough job especially on scale, when you handle more than a few individuals.

Registering your talents on Post For Rent will grant you the following benefits:

  • You'll be able to pay your influencers in 3 business days with "Fast Payment" which will improve your Influencers' morale.
  • Your portfolio will be visible to brands and agencies with whom you never worked before.
  • You'll get more jobs for your talents with the international coverage.
  • You can manage your campaigns easier and smoother with our project management tool, as it shows all your to-dos at one interface and helps you during content approval process.
  • You can set your profit share percentage – so everybody gets their cut you had previously agreed on, automatically.
  • You'll get automated reporting, invoicing and finances.