Why join as a Partner to the Post For Rent Franchise?

By taking the opportunity to represent PFR locally, you can immediately start to grow your local business without spending any time on building the following:

The Brand & Agency Traction

  • Established international IM brand 
  • International PR
  • Globally relevant event sponsorships
  • International social media comms
  • Broad education tools
  • Comprehensive training program
  • Brand Book and stationery toolkit
  • Case studies from every relevant industry

The Management Platform 

  • Direct access to local influencers
  • Broad audience data on all influencers
  • Real-time global statistics on market trends 
  • Streamlined management workflow



The MCN Partnership

Start monetizing Adsense revenue for YouTube creators & Artists and sign up new talent with the trust of YouTube certified partnership, creating a new revenue stream.