What we will give for your team?

Your employees with be get up to speed by our international experts by giving comprehensive training:

How to use the Post For Rent platform.

A flexible, automated platform that serves all players of Influencer Marketing.

Eliminate the guesswork from your strategy and speed up campaign management with our tools. Make informed decisions and get the most out of campaign budgets by finding the perfect influencer through audience brand affinities and more. 


# Access to our local influencer inventory

# Eliminating fake followers with audience reports. 

# Easy proposal creation with influencer selection download

# Create and manage campaigns faster and more efficient

# Eliminating fake followers through audience credibility scores. 

# Automated payments and contracts


How to use the Post For Rent Mobile App

We provide a multifunctional HUB for the Influencer community through our iOS and Android app. Attract influencers with a convenient solution to join your talent management.

Much more than simply an app

Providing you with a financial service to enable them to receive their payments within 3 business days via our automated system. We see Post For Rent acting as their online virtual bank, a hub of financial services that we aim to expand over the next 2 years, offering multiple financial services to the community.


# A quick payment tool

# Multiple payout options

# Paypal/Revolut/Personal Bank Account

# Handling received Vouchers, Product coupon, and QR codes

# 24/7 chat support


How to operate the agency.

Multinational Experience injected into your organization. 

Know-how in influencer data analytics & campaign management solutions

Your team will get trained by our experienced professionals who managed over 300 campaigns yearly.

Successful influencer campaigns take a team of highly experienced, passionate, and results-driven strategists and creatives that accept nothing but the best. We get targets and we bring results. From the conceptual stage, we go and manage the campaigns until the reports get back to our clients with the results they visualized.

How to operate the talent management.

Get the already proven method of attracting and manage influencers long term basis, so you don’t need to spend time to figure out what we already have.

Through our franchise partner agencies, we aim to bring together a curated collection of some of the world’s most unique and powerful social media influencers. 

With the mixture of our assets, we provide content creators with the platform they need to focus on what matters most to them: telling their story while taking their career to the next level.

We’ll teach your team all the necessary tips and workflows to provide influencers all-around and satisfactory management.

We are in the production, taking care of the financing, legal aspects, accounting, consulting in any given field to help our talent grow while staying connected daily, giving advice or reminders in exchange for 100% exclusivity on all their social media channels.


How to become an MCN partner.

Monetize Adsense Revenue For your signed Youtubers Globally.


MCNs offer creators assistance with growing, managing, programming, and monetizing their channels.


Providing access to production spaces that Youtubers can use for shooting and editing content.


In an effort to transmigrate audiences from one of their channels to another, MCNs create opportunities for collaboration between different in-network talent. For a small YouTuber working with a larger influencer on the platform can be hugely beneficial.

Brand Access

Networks have relationships with various businesses looking to sponsor video content on YouTube. For creators on an MCN roster, this can mean more visibility and brand partnership opportunities than might be achieved as an independent channel. Other companies, such as influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms can also help connect YouTubers with brands looking for sponsor content.

Youtube Support

While YouTube does not “endorse” the MCNs on their platform, they do offer a list of certified providers. YouTube’s pre-existing relationship with these individuals and businesses means that sometimes they can resolve content issues more quickly. Some MCNs also offer protection from misappropriated copyright strikes against creators.



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Use global content

Translate and localize our global blog articles and gain immediate market trust with 

Write local articles for your market. We help you with the topic of how to improve the local market with PR solutions.

  • Case Studies

Unique Success stories from every industry example

Create your own case studies along the way or localize our global examples to gain trust from local advertisers.

  • G Suite
Get instant grip to approach clients with our proposal examples for each industry
  • Slack

How to stay connected with your local and our global team.

  • HubSpot

Making the most of the Franchise CRM.