Top up your balance via bank transfer

1. Go to 'My Profile' / Payment Settings and add your invoice's information

  • Click on 'Invoice required'
  • Fill the information out correctly

If there is a problem adding it, please contact us.

2.  Click on 'Top up'.knowledgebase_article_topup1

3.  Type in the Amount you would like to add to your fund.

4. Click on 'Send Invoice'.

In a couple of minutes, you have to find it in your mailbox, which address you have provided on our platform before.  If it doesn't arrive, don't be afraid, check if your email address is correct then click on "Send invoice" again. It won't charge multiple times because the transaction only happens once you pay. It's just verification on our side that you would like to top-up your fund in that amount.

You will receive an invoice for every purchase you make on the platform but it will be paid by the credit you have topped up.

5. When paying by bank transfer please reference the numbers in the red box. Once you have finished the transaction, we add the credits to your fund.

If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.