Suggested and Submitted fee

What is the difference and how can you change your suggested fee?

The Suggested fee is a price proposal calculated by our high-tech algorithms for your sponsored posts on your different social media channels. It is counted based on several parameters such as platform, reach, engagement-rate, country, and audience-credibility.Please keep in mind that it’s only an average suggestion based on metrics and data.

Of course, we don’t have the ability determine the value of your content’s quality so if you think your fee per posts worth more, you can submit and propose a higher price to the advertisers on the platform and here is how: 

  • Go into Settings 
  • Click on Platforms 
  • Finally set the price for each social media channel that you have connected to the platform
  • Pay attention, in some cases you might need to add the fee for post and story separately (in the case of Instagram for instance)