Social media platforms

Post For Rent supports all major social media channels and allows you to launch campaigns with influencers active on the seven available platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TwitterTik, TokSnapchat, Youtube, and TuneMoji.

Instagram provides the best value for money and generates great engagement. Post For Rent offers the possibility to start for PPC campaigns on Instagram as well, by using a swipe up in stories.

Facebook is the best channel to speak to audiences from generation Y and up, it is also easy to make use of the content by creating paid ads afterwords. 

Twitter equals a short form of content. It's fast and easy as multimedia/visual content is not necessary and Twitter is the best platform to share links on. 

TikTok - or as it was formally known, Musically - is the place to find the representatives of generation Z as it is mostly used by an audience between the ages 13 and 24. Its main characteristic is the high engagement and a great level of devotion and admiration towards creators, which means: a higher level of influence on your target audience. 

Snapchat - is a very popular messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos (called snaps) that are meant to disappear after they're viewed. It's advertised as a "new type of camera" because the essential function is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses, or other effects and share them with anyone.

Youtube is detailed, creative, variable, and very easily measurable with detailed statistics. As far as Youtube content you can either ask for a dedicated video, or a mention content - which of course, is a lot less expensive. Youtube contents perform well on engagement rates as well. 

TuneMoji is the newest arrival and it positions itself as the only MusicGIF Community Network out there! It allows creators to express their creativity through customized music, meme, and movie sound GIFs, providing an awesome new way to communicate. It is also possible to instantly share the creations on other messaging apps. It's easy to use, content creation has never been this fast compared to all other social media channels - which means no more worries about the quality of time management, and it also gives a more reasonable price to it.