Pricing FAQ for talent managers

What card to use on Post For Rent?
You can only use Visa and Mastercard.

What currencies does Post for Rent support?
You can choose any of the main global currencies that Currency Cloud covers. You’ll receive your invoice in the selected currency, but please note that you won’t be able to switch after your profile is completed.

When do I need to pay the 20$ per influencer?
Your monthly service fee amount will be charged to your credit card every month on the same date when you registered. You only pay for your influencers who actively worked that month, meaning that they had closed collaborations on the platform.

When will I get my money?
Best case: 3 business days. Worst case: 30 days. It depends on which payout method you choose.
“Fast Payment” will mean you receive your payment in 3 business days for an extra 4% cost above your 3% service fee. ”Slow Payment” will mean you receive your payment in 30 days instead. The payout will be triggered from the date when the advertiser approved your delivered content and closed your booking.