Pricing FAQ for agencies

What card to use on Post For Rent?
You can only use Visa and Mastercard.

Can I manage multiple brands?
Yes, you can! You’ll need to have the MANAGER ENTERPRISE subscription plan, which will grant you additional features as well as allowing you to manage multiple brands under one account.

Can I cancel my subscription later?
You can suspend or downgrade your ongoing subscription plan at any time. Your subscription fee will change for the next month.

What currencies does Post For Rent support?
You can choose any of the main global currencies that Currency Cloud covers. You’ll receive your invoice in the selected currency, but please note that you won’t be able to switch if you have a prepaid balance.

Can I pay influencers with products?
Yes, you can! You can upload several products to your profile and use them as payment when you start a campaign. There is no service fee or product payment fee in MANAGER ENTERPRISE.