Payment options: prepaid or credit card, debit card

Payments can be a tricky part of influener marketing campaign, we know that each business has their own prefrences when it comes to paying the influencers. That is why we give you several options to work with on the platform. 

Payment processes

When using the platform you can be charged in two situations:

  • to pay your monthly fee

Your monthly fee is charged always on the day you started your subscription plan.

  • transactions or deposits when managing influencer marketing campaigns

Your card can also be charged when you close a collaboration with an influencer.

Previously when you accepted an influencer to work together (in case of a Public campaign) or invited an influencer to participate in a campaign ( Direct campaign type) a deposit will be separated to ensure that there is enough to fund the campaign you plan on starting. 

Protecting both brands and influencers who trusted us by using our platform has always been priority to us. This is one of the ways in which we ensure the protection of the influencers. Nonetheless it is important to note that this deposit is issued within the system of your bank, meaning that it not tranfered to us or the influencers at any point. Only when the collaboration is closed, that's when the purchase is issued, which is a separate transaction. 


Let's see an example in practice:
If you'd like to spend 100 USD on an influencer, when accepting or inviting him/her a deposit of 100 is separeted in your account. That will be sent back to you by your bank after the end of your campaign, but the date of it depends on your bank. On the other hand when the purchase is done and the influncer fee is actually charged, that is different 100 USD. Please make sure that in this case, you have at least 200 USD on your card to cover the deposit and the fee at the same time. 

Credit top up is the best solution for you if you prefer not to have separate transactions happen on your card but wish to pay one amount at once and then spend the credits directly on the platform.
It is a quick and easy solution, but please note that the credit paid can only be spent on the platform for your monthly subcription fee and influnecer collaborations.