Paying for your Add-ons

How our billing works with regards to your plan and it's Add-ons (FAQ)

An add-on can be added to your base plan whenever you have a need for that particular feature. But how does the billing work? Below we will answer some of your questions.

When will I be billed for an add-on?

The day you sign up for an addon is the day which will be your  billing date for each month


What happens if I subscribe for an add-on half way through my billing cycle?

If you subscribe to a new addon in the middle of the month, then you will only be charged for the period of time remaining (pro-rata) until your next bill.


What happens if I cancel and Add-onn?

If you cancel an addon, you cancel that feature immediately. Be sure to keep this in mind when downgrading.

If you suspend your account it's suspended immediately. The next time you log in, we offer you the opportunity to start over again your addons that you previously had and continue paying it from that time, or start a completely new one from scratch.
If you close your account we delete all your data immediately. This is an irreversible process!

Can I pay by transfer?

There is  the option to pre-pay with bank transfer, or use your bank card for paying immediately for a "subscription fee".  For influencer fees you have to top up via one of the two ways mentioned before starting to work with the influencers.
We have partial payments for credits and bank card as well. You can pay with the credits remained in your account as well.