Overview of your Campaign’s performance

See all the details of your running campaign at on place.

An overview of the performance of a campaign is available in our Campaign Manager Base-Plan

Overview tab

This view is available when clicking on a campaign

It will show you at a glance:
  • The amount of budget spent
  • Percentage of influencers approved
  • Number of posts
  • The Total Reach
  • The Unique Reach
  • The Engagement 

Using the navigation bar above you can progress through the sections, the second of which is influencers, here you’ll see influencers who have requested to join your public campaign, the ones waiting for approval, the Influencer statuses that are work in progress, the closed applications, the rejected and the aborted influencers.

Influencer tab


  • If you see influencers here, it means they would like to collaborate with you. Don't hesitate to be sure about their audience, use the Influencer report to analyze their profile and then approve them. Optimize the campaign so it will be more appealing to the influencers or you can tell us and we will help you.

Waiting for approval

  • The influencers you’ve selected for the campaign will appear here. Their usual response time is 3-5 days, but you can send them a message. If you need help contacting them, please tell us and we optimize the campaign. 

    You will see influencer appears here when you make a direct campaign, which is only available if you active Pro Campaign Manager Add-on.

Work in progress

  • If the influencers have been approved for the campaign, but haven't done their post, you will see them here. Message them where they are in the process.  If the communication is stuck for days, contact us and we give them a reminder as well.


  • If you have approved the influencer's post, so your collaboration comes to end, you will see them here.


  • You’ll see the influencers you have rejected or that have declined the campaign here. Reject the other influencers if you have selected the ones you would like to work with.


  • You’ll see the influencers you’ve aborted or that have aborted the booking here. Before you abort an influencer, please contact us first and be sure it is for a good reason - abortion has its cost and sometimes it's just misunderstanding.

Content tab

Waiting for content
  • You’ll see the influencers with work in progress here and the content they need to deliver.
    Sometimes they send you the post link in the message - you can also submit it for them, just click on their profile in this tab.
    You need to approve the influencers first, so go to 'Influencer' Tab, then click on 'Requested', select and approve the influencers you would like to work with. 

Pending approval

  • You’ll see here the submitted content you need to approve or give feedback on. If it’s not appearing here you can remind the influencers by sending them a message.
    One week later if they haven't replied to you back, let us know and we give them a reminder as well.


  • If the influencers' post has been approved, so your collaboration comes to an end, you will see them here. This is when we release their payment which you have deposited for them before.

Here is an article on how the deposit system works.

Message tab

Try to be communicative as possible: interview them before you accept them to be in a campaign; give them reminders of the deadline or the posting time; clarify whether they understand the brief or not. It is the key to succession.

Don't go external like asking for their payment details the system might detect you for suspicious action and your account will be suspended for a further investigation.

Brief tab

In the brief, you will read about all the things you have summarized in the Campaign settings. If you happen to have something to be changed, click on 'Campaign settings' on the top and then go to the 'Brief' tab.

Here is an article on how to write a brief.

Activity tab

In the activity tab, you can monitor the influencers' actions with the campaign. You will see here when they did send you a message, when they have submitted the post, and when they have been approved. 


If you need any help with the campaign optimization, reach out to us.