Manager Enterprise Subscription Plan

The full package for Multi-market companies looking for an easy-to-use solution to run all influencer marketing activities, payouts and reporting in one place, under one account with custom pricing and payment terms.

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  • Campaign Summary Export
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Customizable terms & conditions
  • Team members with permissions
  • Market statistics & insights
  • Exporting campaign performance report
  • Create personalized summary export templates
  • Team Training
  • Live chat support
  • API access

Our Manager Enterprise subscription package is the ultimate plan for large enterprises to handle all influencer marketing activities under one account- a full 360 solution. This package includes every add-ons and more!

We offer a custom credit line so you don’t have to worry about payments, allowing you to focus on the most important things- setting up amazing campaigns! 

The Enterprise plan allows you to make Ambassador campaigns - a great feature as that will give you the option to collaborate with influencers for a longer period of time and in a more flexible way. 

On top of this,  you can also create an additional sub-account for a separate market or client with full feature access, and also you can set permissions for different user types. This will allow you to give a client permission to access only the account that contains their campaigns, or you can even allow them to only view campaigns but not to start new ones or modify anything for instance. It is all up to you.


If you already have a clear idea of you whom you want to work with you can go ahead and set up a direct campaign after having found them on our influencer search feature


You can view the demographics of any influencer by clicking on them

Alternatively, you can set up a public campaign and let the influencers come to you by defining some criteria that fits your targets.

When setting up a campaign you can now fully customize the terms and conditions in your campaigns giving you unprecedented control. 


You’ll have access to market statistics and insights, that you can sort by country, campaign, and different types of KPI filters. Option to export and API access enables you to get your campaign achievements direct to your data center.


With the custom reporting feature, you can now fully personalize your campaign results and generate fully branded presentations- each page in your company color scheme and logo, all generated at the click of a button.