How to write an effective Brief

Writing a great brief is essential to achieve the desired content

Influencers do their work and compose their content based on the brief you submit, so it has to provide enough guidance for them to make their work appealing to your Brand.

Let's see all the elements a good brief contains:

  • A brief description of the brand

Tell the influencers what the brand values and stands for, so they can convey the message to their followers.

  • The aim of the actual campaign

What is the main purpose of the campaign, who do you want to reach, a brief description of the promoted object.

  • The message/caption

You can write the exact wording of the caption, or give some guidelines for the influencer about its length and style. Give some bullet-points or words to include.

  • Timing of the post

The time period in which you want the content to be posted.

  • To do/ not to do examples

You can include things you do not want to be included in the content, for example comparison to other brands, dragging of other products, racist or political statements. 

  • Copyrights

If you want to use their content on your own page or anywhere else.

  • Contact information

Someone they can reach out to with questions or problems, related to the campaign.