How to use photos to guide the influencers?

How to search and find knowledge about other brand activities?

Setting up the first campaign can be a daunting task for anybody, especially if it's the first time. Similar brands on the platform can serve as an excellent reference point and offer insights into what’s currently working and give ideas for campaigns. 

We have some tips you can follow to get to know more about other brands.

To Research: all you need to do is choose a platform and open it. You are able to search on any platform, you may know the name of the brand you would like to know. You can also use hashtags or locations relating to your business. The results will return local brands and possible influencers currently working with them.

Capture is also a good idea if you like to find inspiration. You can save pictures you like the look of or feel could work well as a reference point for an influencer.  You can also save any relevant hashtags or IGTV titles or similar posts by influencers that you would like to use or begin to formulate ideas of your own.

Good/Bad examples: as well as finding what you like from a campaign you may also begin to get an idea of things you would like to avoid, these are equally important to communicate to an influencer and should be noted.

Instructing the influencers: you should be as clear as possible when instructing the influencers and communicate your ideas fully in a way that someone who knows nothing of your business or intentions will understand.


You can upload pictures that will serve as a guideline for influencers, stating the required quality or content benchmark.

Use the images section in the briefing setup and add several pictures and also refer to them in the brief with instructions, so the influencers will know what they need to do with the pictures - share or use it as an inspiration.