How to submit posts in a campaign

working on content

If your request of booking was accepted by the advertiser, you can start working on your content.

  1. Check if the advertiser requests you to upload a preview of your content. If not, skip to step 4. If yes, find the campaign in the "To do" section of "My ads", and click on "Content". 
  2. You can upload previews by clicking “Upload preview” under “Content” on the menu bar. You have to select the photo or video from your computer and hit enter. After the upload is completed, you and the brand can see your content. You have to wait for the Advertiser to accept or reject it.
  3. If the Advertiser accepted your preview, you can start working on your real content.
  4. If you are ready, upload your content(s) in the "Content" section within the campaign. You should select the post(s) from the drop-down list. Once the upload is complete you should see your content on the right. The performance of the post can be seen below.
  5. After you uploaded your content(s) your work in the campaign is done. Don’t forget to click “Finish” at the end. Now you can lay back, and wait for the Advertiser to accept your work, and for your payment after.

If any problem occurs while uploading your content please message the brand in the "Messages" section of the campaign, or contact our support team by clicking the button on the bottom right.