System workflow- how does it work?

 System workflow for Influencers


The following steps are required to complete your profile:

  1. Registration
     Click on 'START NOW FOR FREE" and connect to our website using your social account or sign up with email.
  2. Fill your profile
    After you log in,
  3.  click on "MY PROFILE" up in the header to fill in all personal information. It helps the advertisers to get picked by the right advertisers matching your personality/style. It is important on both ends to provide reliable and accurate personal information!
  4. Connect your social media accounts
    Connect one or all of your social channels ( Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Tunemoji) you want to use for the campaigns. You should choose your popular channels in which you have the most followers.
  5. Choose a payment method
    We have 3 different options for you to find the best and the most comfortable way of handling your payouts. (PayPal, Bank account, credit card)

Now you can start earning money:

  1. Apply for the project you like
    Check out the advertisements and if you like on of those, just go ahead and click on the "REQUEST TO BOOK" button. Then the advertiser gets a notification with some information of you so the advertiser can view your profile and either accept or reject your booking.
  2. Make sure your post is based on the brief and report once finished
    If the advertiser accepts your booking, then you can start to make your post according on the description provided by the advertiser. Post types can be: Text,Photo,Video or mixed. Make the described content for campaign and share it on your defined social channel.
  3. Take the money
    Then go back to Post For Rent website, choose the specific booking you finished and pick the specific post you created according to the advertiser's description, and click on the "FULFILL" button on the bottom of the booking screen. If the advertiser accept your post, your money will be on the way very soon!
  4. Repeat