How and when can you abort bookings?

aborting a campaign after a request for booking

An Influencer can abort a campaign after their request for booking (and in cases the preview of the content) was accepted.

The reasons can be the following:

  • I've changed my mind
  • The brand asked me to abort this booking
  • I can't fulfil the request of the booking
  • The brand has changed the content after I accepted the booking
  • The brand used the booking only to start chatting with me

An influencer can only abort for free if the brand has changed anything about the campaign details after the booking request was accepted. In that case, please contact our Support Team.

An advertiser can abort an influencer for the following reasons:

  • I don't like the content
  • Report content
  • Bad quality
  • Negative impact on followers
  • The influencer doesn't fit our products'/service's profile anymore
  • We disagreed on the booking
  • The marketing policy of our company has changed
  • I've changed my mind
  • Other
  • Missed deadline