How and when can I abort bookings?

Sometimes influencers can't deliver your content on time or it doesn't meet your expectations...

Advertisers can abort an ongoing booking with an Influencer if they don't want to work with them in a campaign anymore. Aborting an influencer will cost the advertiser the fee of the influencer + the service fee so this should be used very carefully.

The reasons can be the following:

  • I don't like the content
  • Report content
  • Bad quality
  • Negative impact on followers
  • The influencer doesn't fit our products'/service's profile anymore
  • We disagreed on the booking
  • The marketing policy of our company has changed
  • I've changed my mind
  • Other
  • Missed deadline

The only free option is when the influencer fails to deliver the desired content on time (our system checks the statement's validity afterward). For all the other options, the advertiser has to pay the fee showing up on the screen as "Abort Cost". This cost consists of the whole payment if the influencer and our service fee on top.

An advertiser can avoid unnecessarily aborting influencers by writing a really detailed brief, and setting the "preview" option. This way, they can accept or reject the content before it goes live.

An advertiser should contact our Support Team if the final live post is different from the previously uploaded preview.

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