Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Post for Rent

What kind of Platforms can I run campaigns on? - We operate with all of the major platforms within Influencer Marketing.  When a new one emerges and gains traction we will add it to the pool.

Can I search and filter content creators? - We absolutely allow you to search for content creators based on name, hashtags, age, gender, credibility, country, city, reach, category and platform. You will have access to data on their audience showing the audience brand affinity, common hashtags and topics, notable followers and more…Importantly I’d like to point out we also have a tool built in to the selection stage that actually allows you to simulate a campaign with a selection of influencers and immediately see the cost and estimated performance of a campaign in terms of likes, views etc.

Can I get an evaluation of the content after the campaign? - We have full reporting which includes over all performance as well as each piece of content made by each influencer.

How do you protect against fake profiles? - There are various stages of protection set up to handle this. Firstly from the on-boarding stage of the influencers onto our platform a member of the Post for Rent influencer management team will manually check each account for authenticity. We also have graphic representations available on the Influencer profile showing the rise of followers over time allowing you to easily spot suspicious growths and cross-reference with the posting around that time to link it with a post and determine what may have caused such a growth.

What kind of campaign management can I expect? - We cover all aspects from start to finish- accepting influencers, communication with the influencers in our 'chat style’ messaging system, approving content before it goes live, all payments are handled by us automatically to the content creators. You can launch various types of campaigns and of course track all data at all times.

Will you send us the data directly? - We have subscription plans that allow for API access to take key data and send it to your IT team. Anything else that falls outside of that can be handled manually by your own dedicated account manager!