The Discover Add-on

Look up any influencer you want or discover new ones through multiple filters and export profile reports for your next campaign.

Do you work in an agency? Are you running social media campaigns in-house? Are you a small business looking for the right influencers? This is the add-on for you!

The Discover add-on is perfect for finding influencers with precise search filters and to then create profile analysis exports about them for your next campaign. You can switch it on in 'settings'.  

You can add-on Discover alone ($99 / month) and filter influencers while analyzing them or choose our Pro Campaign Management add-on as well ( which would mean an extra $49 / month) and start campaigns with your favorite creators right away. 

How does it work?

With the Discover add-on you have unlimited searches among our extensive database of over 160,000 influencers based on:

  • Social media channel
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Engagement metrics
  • Category
  • Credibility
  • Commonly used hashtags


Once you have found the perfect influencers you can analyze their profile to get a full knowledge of their audience and make an informed decision.

One analysis of a profile will cost you one 'report' and you can download the profile analysis in PDF.

you can use to analyze any influencer profile to get a full snapshot of their demographics and access to game-changing insights.

You can purchase more reports at any time in the top right corner.



You can also create aggregated exports from as many influencers you want.


1, Just select the select multiple influencers from your search.
You can make several searches, select the influencers and then make and export if you want to.




2, Click on the arrow below to check the estimated results.
Note that if there are influencers in your selection that haven't been analyzed yet, here you need to confirm to spend the required reports to make the export available.

3, Click the Export as XLSX or Export to PDF buttons and your export is on the way in your downloads folder.



PDF EXPORT OR XLSX - you can set if you'd like to include the prices of influencers.

The breakdown of audience type is a crucial and often overlooked metric that can really make a huge difference in choosing the perfect content creator. For instance- we show you how many followers are from suspicious accounts helping you to market your content to real people, every time.   You will also see metrics like Brand Affinity- this is excellent for benchmarking and allowing you to align yourself with similar brands.  You will have the upper hand each campaign by using our easy-to-follow profile analysis.