Creating a Public Campaign

How to create a Public campaign step by step

All the influencers who meet the requirements can request to be in your public campaign.

Public Campaign is a manager feature so you need a Manager Lite or Manager Pro or Manager Enterprise plan to create Public Campaigns.

New Campaign
First you have to click on New Campaign in the upper right corner.
You can always start it from scratch or just modify one of your existing campaigns.

Basic Settings
Add a name for your campaign, set the countries from which you want the influencers to work with you and also set the amount of content you want from them.
If you also want your influencers to apply with a content proposal (this means you can see the content beforehand) you should check the Enable Preview box.
Choose Public from the campaign types for a fully automated campaign.

It is always important to write a thorough brief of your expectations about the campaign.
You should write down the purpose of your campaign, add a wording to it, a link to share and some photos for reference.

Influencer Settings
After writing the brief add your preferences to filter which influencers can apply to your campaign. Here you can set the minimum and/or maximum number of followers, gender, the age and gender of the audience, minimum rating and credibility etc. You can fully customize what audience you want to reach through your influencers.

You can set a full budget for your campaign and also set different prices for different ranges of followers.
You can also pay your influencers per click. This means you pay after every person who clicks on the link in their post in your campaign.

Final Touches
After setting everything you can take a last quick look through your campaign if everything is good to go.

After Creating the Campaign
Now you have to wait for the influencers to request your campaigns. You can either accept or reject an application, but make sure you are not making the influencers wait for too long to be accepted.