Campaign flow for Influencers

Our system helps you to work with brands easier than ever. However, there are quite a few steps till a collaboration ends. This article guides you trough a campaign, from the request to the payment.

You can work with brands if:
  1. They reach out to you in a direct campaign
  2. You apply for their public campaign (read more on how to apply here)

Don't forget to read the campaign brief carefully, to make sure you can deliver the brand the content they desire, and only click request to book after.

Important: you have to wait for the brand to accept your request before you start working on your content.

The moment you got accepted you will be notified, and you can start working on your preview (if the brand indicated that they need it).

You can upload previews by clicking “Upload preview” under “Content” on the menu bar, or "Proposed" in the app. You have to select the photo or video from your device and hit enter.

You, again, have to wait for the brand's acceptance before you upload anything. You are free to post the content after.


  • You can upload your stories the same way you uploaded the preview: under “Content” on the menu bar, or "Proposed" in the app.
  • Don't forget that you can only upload the stories with insights, together at the same time. 


  • You can upload your contents in the campaign interface too.
  • You have to select the content from the dropdown menu, and hit upload.

If you uploaded everything, wait for the brand to review it and put you in "Closed" status. For your payout to begin a "Closed" status is necessary. You can see your campaign status on the activity bar in the campaign. When a campaign is closed for you, our system automatically starts your payment, and you will receive it according to your previously chosen payment method (read more about the payment methods here).

Important: if you change your payment method after your request for booking is accepted, it will only apply to future campaigns, not the ones that are already on.